Our Mission


I am new to Yoga and Meditation, am I eligible to take All of the 40 day courses offered? Yes! Anyone can participate in these courses. You don’t need to have any previous experience in yoga or meditation to participate in any 40 day rituals course.


What can I expect from these courses? These courses are specifically designed for you to succeed! You can expect to participate in some movement, meditation and healthy lifestyle practices within each course. You will receive support from  Onkar and Hari Simran as well as your fellow participants who you will have the opportunity to connect with throughout these 40 days via the private facebook groups and optional weekly check ins.


What results or benefits can I expect to experience from taking these courses? Through 40 days of meditation and Ayruvedic rituals you can see a difference in your mental health, overall outlook on life and enjoy a profound sense of calm. You may even lose weight, your skin can brighten, your digestion will improve, and you may feel more focused with the ability to make clear choices in many areas of your life. As you experience these shifts and changes, you may also notice that your communication becomes more mindful, compassionate and honest therefore improving the relationship with yourself and with others.


What if I miss a day or two during my 40 day practice? We encourage you to keep going even if you miss a few days. Sometimes there are days where it may be difficult to fit your practice in. It is in these moments where compassion and understanding for yourself comes into play. We believe this too is a part of the 40 day practice. If you find that you have missed a day, just get right back on and complete the course with us when you are able. You will have us and your facebook group to support you and encourage your continued participation.


Can I continue my practice beyond 40 days? Yes, you can certainly continue to practice beyond the 40 days. We have created manuals for each course that you can purchase and download. If you wish to continue a particular practice beyond the initial 40 days you are with us, simply download the manual and continue on.


Do I have to participate in one course before I can participate in another? All 40 Day Ritual Courses can be taken individually without any previous course taken before or after.


If I want to have a private session with Onkar or Hari Simran, how can I connect with them? If you want a private session, you can send us an email at info@40dayrituals.com with your specific request and we will be sure that Onkar and/or Hari Simran receives it and gets back to you to set up a session.


If I am having technical challenges, how can I get support? Simply send us an email at info@40dayrituals.com and we will help you as quickly as possible.


We truly believe that in order for healing to take place on a global scale we must start the healing from within ourself, this is our greatest mission at 40 Day Rituals. Our individual joy and radiance effects the state of peace and compassion on the earth. It all begins from within!



Yoga and the Ayurvedic practices which are presented by 40 Day Rituals are for everyone who is in generally good health. However, when online, it is up to the individual to assess whether they are ready for the course or class that they have chosen.

If you suffer from specific injuries or illness  consult with your physician first. Similarly if you are pregnant, follow your recommended practice from you health practitioner only and be sure to modify this program when needed.

The practice of yoga asanas (postures) requires you – the practitioner – to gauge the safety of your practice within your personal and physical limitations. It is better to build up slowly and do not force and strain if there is pain.

Whilst one may feel exertion one should also feel relaxed. The techniques and suggestions presented in these courses and on the 40 Day Rituals website are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise, yoga or mediation program.

40 Day Rituals assumes no responsibility for injuries that may be incurred while practicing these techniques.