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What is Mercury Retrograde and how do we operate during these times? Intuitive counselor and meditative healer, Onkar Ryan, shares her insights, knowledge, and recommendations for navigating this 3-week period physically, mentally and emotionally.

In todays’ world, with the booming of the wellness industry and all forms of yoga becoming increasingly popular and publicized, more people are using the science of astrology.  Of all the planetary aspects of astrology, Mercury Retrograde is one of the terms that you hear most often.  Though you may have heard this term, you may not be familiar about the details of what it truly means. 

Each planet in our solar system carries subtle energies, this, however, depends on when and where the planets are aligned at any given moment in the solar system. As sensory human beings, we can feel the planets shifting energies which can often reflect our internal feelings and emotions.  The way I relate to astrology, is by looking at the energies, whether a new moon or full moon or Mercury Retrograde, as a theme that is inspiring my environment that I am in and it is up to me how I want to operate within the experience of it.  Sometimes we feel it more, sometimes less and maybe for some … not at all.


The word retrogrades mean “ going backward”.   This doesn’t mean that the planet Mercury literally moves backward, it’s true meaning is that it speeds up.  Mercury, being the closest to the sun from the earth, our perspective perceives it as going backward.  

Mercury is the planet of communication and the knower of intelligence. This planet permeates the energy of being the organizer and analyzer of the intellect.  In yoga, we relate to Mercury through an overview of higher discernment, which is called the “buddhi” mind.  This part of the mind helps us to see the true nature of ourselves.  When Mercury is in retrograde, we may experience problems with technology, communication and a resurfacing of old feelings and emotions that have not fully been dealt with; this can be on a physical, mental and emotional level. 

Mercury retrograde gives us time to review and to meditate or contemplate the things we may have not given full attention to. Situations, feelings or interactions that keep showing back up in our lives.  


When you feel the effects of Mercury in Retrograde, here are some tools that I would recommend to use:

  1. Slow down 
  2. Remember that ‘change is inevitable and this too shall pass’.
  3. Becoming aware of our breath is key. It helps in changing the upheaval of emotions you may experience when feelings arise. Changing your breath to a long deep inhale and a long deep exhale for up to 3 minutes will make a big difference in re-connecting you to your heart
  4. Meditate 

Mercury Retrograde usually lasts up to 3 weeks at a time.  It’s best to try and remain neutral and remember that Mercury in Retrograde does not need to overcome us. The planets are here to present ways for us to elevate and overcome any commotion or emotion in life.

The human mind works in a way that will often look for an excuse to place blame on or sometimes revert to the negative.  The most liberating thing is to remember that we have a choice, regardless of the pressure we are feeling.   Our decisions make up our experience and our life,  everything we experience is based on our decisions, being conscious or unconscious. The key is to be aware of what is going on around us; the astrology, the times and most importantly is what is happening within us, and what can we do to shift what doesn’t make you feel good.

Becoming aware of what is going on around us both internally and externally is a powerful tool. We reflect nature and nature reflects us. 

I recommend during Mercury Retrograde to gather the courage and humility to slow down, love yourself and allow time to feel, to heal and to be seen.

With Love,

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