Virtual Postpartum Care Package #3


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Our Virtual Postpartum Care Package #3 includes:

• First 10 Days Recipe booklet

• Two 60-minute zoom sessions before baby arrives

• Kitchen + Cooking preparation

• PLUS 1X/ week for 40 Days postpartum zoom sessions for mother’s support

PLUS 2 postpartum rejuvenating healing sessions with Onkar

Hari Simran will support the mother as well as her new baby in the following ways:

• Maintaining optimal digestion for both mother and baby, healthy milk production,

• Mother and baby massage guidance, emotional support and belly wrapping guidance.

 Each session will vary in time depending on mother’s energy and baby’s needs.

About Onkar’s PostPartum Healing Sessions: Meditative healing session last 30- 45 minutes.  A time for the mamma to deeply relax so her body can heal. In these sessions, through an expanded state of consciousness, we will stimulate a deep relaxed space. In this space the body is much more capable of rejuvenating and healing. The baby may be present to enjoy the healing state of the mother.

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