Winter Solstice Celebration Workshop



Time: 9am PST- 10:30 am PST


$25 via zoom or free with the purchase of our upcoming 40 Day Rituals Course
” Stress Release”

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Winter Solstice is where we experience the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. This year the solstice occurs on Monday, December 21st, where we have the planet Saturn & Jupiter moving into the sign of Aquarius. This is known as ” the great conjunction” and hasn’t taken place in more than 600 years.  This conjunction will end a 200-year era in earth signs, moving us into the air sign of Aquarius, and will continue in an air sign until 2159.  It will bring on a great chance of shedding old ways of being and ask us to decide on what we are bringing forward into this new age.


Join us in cultivating the energy of this time and creating a beautiful magnetic field with light, expansion, and gratitude for our lives.  Bringing a renewed sense of hope into this new year of 2021!

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